Glen BG


Glen brings us on a unique and diverse musical journey influenced by his own experience from early US Garage, DUBS, UKG, Underground Beats and House, through to the present day. He has a passion for strong vocals highlighted in his Soulful House sets and brings this distinctive sound together with his musical ability and knowledge to the his audience.

Starting his DJ career in the early 90’s, born from a love of Soul music, he developed a passion for the underground sounds influenced by Astoria’s Crazy Club and Orange at the Rocket.  Both events became weekly residences in the Chill-Out rooms under the partnership of the ‘The Brothers Glen’ often selecting dubs (‘B’ side) for an alternative sound. 

The 90’s saw the duo mix a career of DJ events, residencies and parties around the UK, radio presenting as an original DJ on Jive FM Luton, London Underground, ICE FM and producing music under the VIP record label, working with Gavin Mills, M.J. Cole, J.D. Braithwaite, Ed Case  Also promoting their own successful events.

Since 2014 he successfully set up and continues to promote under the umbrella of his “It’s Local Soul Nights” at quality venues around NW London/Watford, with residents Glen BG and Jon Jules alongside various guest DJ’s 

Glen BG’s reputation, unique style, dipping into the past and present has brought him back to radio in the last 5 years, whilst still continuing with his DJ sets at Clubs & Events.  He has built up and maintained a loyal following

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