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The dance music show

Check out the latest multi genre dance music show from Dynamix.  Playing all your favourite dance music tunes old and new

Dynamix has been DJing since he bought a set of belt drive decks at the age of 14, but the love of music started at a very young age.  He taught himself to mix and was a massive fan of the emerging Acid House and Hardcore scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s.  In the mid the late 90’s Dynamix started to play at clubs after meeting several promoters and first played to a crowd at the infamous Camden Palace nightclub.  From there he went on play at some of the best clubs around London and the UK, and also on the party islands.

He started his radio journey like most others on London’s pirate radio scene and has appeared on numerous stations including Risk FM, Pure Magic, DeJaVu, Freek FM, Fusion, Vision to name a few, but is most well known for being on Shine.  Together with Maxim they formed a partnership that was slightly bonkers to say the least.  From Shine, he went on to play on Centreforce sessions on Time FM in Romford and then Funky SX in Southend.

Shine879 is pleased to have Dynamix back to present his underground shows where you can expect everything from Dance Music and House to Old Skool, Garage and Jungle!

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